Newmarket Co-Operative Homes Inc.

Dear Neil,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and all the members of Newmarket Co-Operative Homes Inc. I would like to pass along our collective, deeply felt thanks for all your help in service over the past few months.
Our first introduction to your company and your employees was during a very stressful time for our community. I am speaking of the time when the sump pumps went down. Your employees were conscientious and professional in all their help in getting our problem solved. We realize that if this work had not been completed in the timely fashion that it was , our community could have had some very serious problems.
During the holiday season , you and your employees helped us out again with the flooding problems. At a time when it is very difficult to get service companies to come and do work, you and your employees again arrived quickly and the service that we received was impeccable.
We realize that because of the time of year, the ensuing bill could have been quite a lot bigger than it was. We want to express our appreciation on your affordability.
Our co-ordinator has informed us that the co-op sector has their own yellow pages that co-ops can recommend contractors or companies that do work for them. I will be recommending that your companys name and number be placed in those yellow pages.
We look forward to our continued association with your company.

Yours truly, On behalf of Newmarket Co-Operative Homes Inc.

Kim Longhurst President - Board of Directors.


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