Peel Living Non-Profit Corporation

To Pat Cresswell Senior P.M. Peel Living Brampton Ontario

I am writing this letter to compliment you on your choice of contracting GTA Plumbing to do the work that was, and still is necessary at Twin Pines.
The sewer problem of course, is the big problem which created a great deal of anger with the tennants. They were plagued with the odor of human excrement, backing up in their yards (which I put up with for almost one entire year).

Without Dan, Neil and the "GTA" crew, and your permission to correct this very unhealthy problem, I just can't imagine what the outcome would have been.

It must have been very difficult for Dan, Neil and his crew having to listen to the very angry retoric from tenants. They all took the time to listen and worked very hard to correct a very unsanitory problem and assured us that ALL PROBLEMS would be corrected then and now.

From other tenants and myself, accolates to Neil and his crew "A great bunch of guys."

Again, congratulations for having GTA Plumbing on your staff.

Skip Wallace

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