Installation of gas, water, & sewer lines

Corrosion, metal fatigue, roots, electrolysis, and the age of piping systems both under ground and in your house are the most common problems that occur in your plumbing system. Everything wears out over time as we all know. This we have zero control over, since we can't really control erosion. Almost all repairs and new lines are replaced with plastic or copper pipe. When PVC piping was introduced to the Tulsa area 25 years ago, it had a slow start, but over time it has more than proven itself to be the pipe of the future. Now on the market of new piping is new poly pipe called Pex Pipe. It is a flexible pipe that we use in and under your house for waterlines. It can stand being frozen solid yet will not burst. We use it in attics when rerouting lines form slab leaks under the floor. Please call us for free estimates for all your plumbing needs, whether they're underground or inside your home.


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